Grandpa Slush hails from the SIX in Toronto, Canada. He is a former Sony recording artist that can often be found performing karaoke, engineering lyrical Hip Hop songs off the top of his head or even representing some Reggae & Dancehall that would impress all the greats. His quick wit and lyrical genius make this sexy & stylish 50 year old relevant with any audience, regardless of age.

Grandpa Slush was born in 1970 when words were just words. Social media has watered everyone down and he is on a mission to thicken everyone’s skin. He is pushing the line back where it belongs. He does not give a fuck about anyone’s feelings, including his own. He spits the truth and if you can’t handle it, you better distance yourself.

Grandpa Slush fears nothing!

Laughter is at the heart of Grandpa Slush. He accepts everyone’s differences and tries to make everyone laugh. He twists his bold truths with his sense of humor and has created a massive following, aptly named, Slush Army.

One by one, Grandpa Slush promises to make everyone thick skinned again!